The health and safety of our students is extremely important to us.

We safeguard our students by placing surveillance cameras in public areas and classrooms, so that we are alerted immediately in case of any emergencies. We have an ongoing contract with the Egyptian Civil Department, which conducts monthly visits in maintenance of our health code and safety procedures. All our faculty and support staff are trained in evacuation drill procedures, to get our students to safety as quickly and securely as possible in the event of an emergency.

Our detailed medical records inform teachers and supporting staff of any allergies a student receiving daily prepared meals from the NG kitchen might have.  

New Generation provides medical insurance to all faculty, staff, and students. We have a fully-equipped on-site clinic overseen by a full-time doctor to ensure that our students receive effective and prompt medical care when needed. All our teachers and matrons are given first aid training to respond to any urgent medical situations.

It is imperative that every single student feels that they are in a friendly, nurturing, and safe environment when they step into campus, and that parents know their children are well-cared for.