Welcome NG students, faculty, parents and guests.

In 2015, we will be celebrating a decade of operation. Our alumnus are now studying in renowned Egyptian, US, Canadian and British universities, majoring in a variety of specializations like Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Art, International Business... etc.

After 10 years, I can confidently say that we have successfully graduated well rounded students, laid a strong infrastructure of our school, designed long term strategic plans and created a second line of young administrators and teachers with sustainable career paths. In short, we have in all aspects, planned for the coming decade.

As a chairperson and founder, my greatest pride does not only lie in the development of academic achievement and learning opportunities but lies in setting the three directions of our school culture: our mission alignment, our balanced approach and our powerful communication strategies. These were the key to our success in the past years.

Parallel to the academic focus, NG commitment to our community is gradually becoming an essential component of our planning. The Learning Enrichment Center (LEC), which inaugurated last year, was a responsibility that we professionally worked on to support students with learning difficulties and the gifted and talented students.

Moreover, our responsibility towards supporting neighboring public schools in El- Salam and Al Obour Educational districts, including top 6th grade elementary public school students, government teachers training workshops and renovations of public schools in our surrounding area has been an all school mission involving all stakeholders.

Our dream and commitment to NG has been the core of our lives. It has truly been an honor serving NG since 2005.

Salma El Bakry Ph.D Political Sc.