Welcome to New Generation International Schools’ Website! It is a great honor and privilege to be a part of this great school for more than thirteen years. We have been delivering quality education to our students from K till Gr.12. 
Throughout the past 13 years, NG has celebrated many success stories! Our school’s graduates have joined the best universities in and out of Egypt; they were well equipped on the academic and social levels as well as adequately prepared to cope with real life situations.
An essential component of a child’s educational experience is social and emotional growth along with physical development. Having more than 32 years of experience in education, I am confident that students’ contentment and high academic expectations will always be NG’s most important goals.
Our dedicated teachers who are selectively chosen set high standards for students’ learning and do their best to deliver the latest teaching strategies. We focus on the whole child, and we hope to develop students’ enthusiasm for learning that includes positive self-image and confidence to reach their maximum potential.
As our Mission states, teachers and parents must work together as a group to support our students’ needs and achieve the best results.
Our school is famous for its open door policy and transparency. You are always welcome to express your thoughts; NG family will always embrace new ideas and listen to all suggestions.
Looking forward to meeting you in person!  
Isabelle Simon
School Principal