Main Characteristics
NG graduates develop and display well-rounded characters that embrace their culture, as well as demonstrate an awareness and tolerance of global perspectives.

Personal Qualities
NG graduates exhibit the following personal merits:

  • Show responsibility and dependability through their actions and assigned tasks

  • Are able to work with others efficiently and understand the importance of accepting and utilizing differences creatively

  • Act with integrity and honesty, keeping the bigger picture in full view

  • Diligently seek knowledge and continue to develop their skills in the various learning fields they are passionate about

Social Responsibility
NG graduates are active members of society. They:

  • Show respect for themselves and others

  • Exhibit deep interest in supporting their community, and work diligently to make a difference

  • Are keen to adopt a mission of supporting others in their communities

  • Have the wisdom to make appropriate choices in various circumstances

Academic Characteristics
NG graduates demonstrate strong academic foundations in the following areas:

  • Communication on a distinguished level of speaking, writing, and reading in English and Arabic

  • Strong scientific and mathematical foundations that prepare them to study in specialized universities that match their learning predispositions

  • The ability to adeptly use contemporary technology, applying this skill when and where needed

  • A strong appreciation for the different disciplines of artistic expression

  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills that offer in-depth evaluations in various situations and aids their decision-making