New Generation Learning Management System (LMS)
& Online Grading System (ENGRADE)


En grade is an online grade book that will allow students and parents to keep track of academic performance. This is also the platform where teacher, student & parent communicate via messages through the En grade. Here you will be able to follow your child’s scores for each subject and break down the score into its individual categories to pinpoint exactly where he/she might need improvement.

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a service that will provide teachers, students and parents a common platform of collaboration. The LMS is a place where students will find all academic content like homework, study guides, revision sheets, schedules, announcements etc…

The LMS will enable students to:

  • Have a shared document library to organize resources
  • Link to documents outside LMS course and multimedia content
  • Organize their time with announcements and calendars
  • Wiki-page library with internal links to the different pages for personal course knowledge base
  • Assignments (online and offline)
  • Quizzes
  • Discussion Boards with fellow students and teachers

The LMS will enable parents to:

  • Keep track of their children’s academic achievements
  • Follow school and class events via calendars and announcements
  • Communicate with class teachers and see contact information
  • Track assignments, quizzes and homework