NG was founded by Dr. Salma El Bakry in 2003, two years prior to its official opening in August 2005. The story started with a dream of two families, the Bakry's and the Sallam's who wanted to give back to their community a not-for-profit school with a balanced approach. The objective was crystal clear, an international school with the highest academic standards that preserves the students cultural identity, mother tongue language and builds characters for the future. This was a desperate need in the Egyptian society.

In March 2003, Dr. Salma El Bakry received her PhD degree; the topic of her dissertation was The Role of Foreign Education in the Political Socialization Process of Egyptian Students'. The dissertation formulated the essence of a school that served to graduate "new generations" as the name was chosen- to become the future decision-makers of Egypt.

As a result, the basic structure and framework of NG, was to build on the foundation years, KGs and elementary, then one grade level was added every year. Another basic structure was to have a mixed school (gender, race, religion, color) where all cultures are to be honored and respected.
In 2005, NG owners rented the third largest school premises in the country, renovated and equipped it with over 8 million EGP just to serve NG's first year of operation. The history of NG can simply be divided into four phases:

1. The pre-opening prop years 2003-2005; where all admin, HOD's and most faculties were hired and fully paid to lay the proper structure and receive the appropriate professional development. An important feature of this phase was that all co-teachers were trained to become future teachers during the growth stages.

2. The foundation years 2005-2007; the main feature of this stage was to set the proper curriculum, books, and programs for a high academic standard. An important investment (2.3 million EGP) was put in to enhance and create a fully equipped auditorium. It is considered to be the largest in Egypt and is meant to serve NG's mission in character building.

3. The high school growth years 2007-2010. These years witnessed the expansion of our high school and the challenges of preparing for NG's 1st graduating class.

4. The breakthrough phase 2010-2012 which can be described as the stage of fine-tuning and excelling in performance after seven years of operations. These years consolidated a foundation where stakeholders became an integral part towards directing the school's strong belief in a very clear vision and a passionate mission.

NG today is known for its story in the Egyptian community. A book will be written on NG's 10th anniversary, in order to share the story of an unfolding dream and experience indicating how missions, visions, thoughts, and challenges can play an integral role in shaping the future of Egypt after January 2010.