CONGRATULATIONS for an outstanding achievement!

New Generation International Schools has been granted a top IEQ score with FIVE identified powerful practices.


NG's excellence and academic achievement has been recognised through the high scores graded by the AdvancEd accreditation team who concluded their visit on May 11, 2017. 

Not only has NG achieved one of the highest Index of Education Quality (IEQ) scores in Egypt, but one of the highest scores in the Middle East region as well. 

The AdvancED accreditation team, headed by Dr. Barbara Johnson and associate lead evaluator Dr. Rosie Uluer, have recommended NG to be fully accredited and highly commanded on FIVE POWERFUL PRACTICES which are our: 

1) Curriculum

2) Mission and Vision

3) Supervision and Evaluation

4) Professional Development

5) Data Analysis


These five well-deserved powerful practices are the core and reflection of our strong and successful school.

Congratulations to faculty, students, staff, admin and parents for contributing to New Generation ranking at international standards.


Salma El Bakry, Ph.D.