New Generation International Schools is accredited by the following accreditation bodies: 

Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED)

NG was granted full accreditation by AdvancED in 2007 and full re-accreditation in 2012 and 2017 with Powerful Practices in the following standards:

  • School Mission and Vision
  • Curriculum Design
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Data Analysis 
  • Supervision and Coaching

Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA – CESS)

Since 2017, NG has been granted full accreditation by MSA for the period of seven years. The visiting team determined that the school “exceeds expectations” in the following standards:

Mission & Vision

  • Formative Assessments for the Improvement of Student Learning
  • Guidance and Leadership
  • School Organization and Staff – NG Spirit
  • School Organization and Staff – NG Spirit
  • Professional Development
  • Student Life and Activities

Ministry of Education – MOE

NG is fully accredited and licensed by the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

NG Online System-Digital Driven Community

  • RenWeb and Entrepreware 

RenWeb and Entrepreware are web portals that enable students and parents to view and download learning documents as well as track students’ performance regularly. Both portals provide open and professional communication channels between all stakeholders.

  • Online Sessions 

Online sessions are virtual classrooms for K-12 that are automatically implemented during cases of emergency.

  • Reading Programs

RAZ Plus and جنى القراءة are online guided reading programs that help improve students ‘reading skills in English and Arabic. Both standard-based programs are highly interactive and provide diagnostic guidance to better students’ performance based on their individual needs.

  • (IXL)

IXL is an online program where students can practice English and mathematical skills through adaptive and interactive ways. It is a standard-based program that provides immediate, individualized feedback to enrich students’ learning experiences.

  • Standardized Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessments

MAP assessments are administered to measure a student’s growth in mathematics and reading. The assessments help teachers identify the instructional level of the student, and also provide context for determining where each student is performing in relation to local or state standards and national norms. MAP reports allow teachers to better target instruction based on students’ strengths and needs.

Standardized Assessments – Testing Centers

New Generation International Schools is an official testing center for the following assessments:

  • Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) – Grades 3 – 8
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) – Grades 10,11 and 12
  • Advanced Placement (AP) – Grades 11, 12
  • Ministry of Education (MOE) – Grades 9 and 12
  • French Standardized DELF – Grades 4 to 12
  • American College Test (ACT) – Grades 10 to 12