• Our mission is to continuously advance both learning and teaching.
  • NG is committed to meeting the requirements of both national and international universities.
  • To earn the American High School Diploma, students are offered rigorous courses throughout the three trimesters every year.
  • As a graduation requirement, high school students must earn 24 credit hours (equivalent to four high school years).

The weight of the 24 credit hours is distributed as follows: 

  • 4 credit hours of English
  • 4 credit hours of math
  • 4 credit hours of sciences
  • 4 credit hours of social sciences
  • 4 credit hours of electives (PE, art, and music)
  • 2 credit hours of a foreign language course
  • 2 credit hours of IT
  • Arabic studies (MOE requirements)

Your GPA

Applying for the AUC and Universities Abroad:

Accumulative GPA (calculated from grades 9 -12) includes all credit hours offered in high school (excluding MOE subjects for grades 11 and 12).

Private and Public Universities in Egypt (excluding the AUC):

*All private and governmental universities accept only 8 subjects (according to the major intended).  

  • Grade 11: a minimum of 1 subject and a maximum of 3 subjects (required)
  • Grade 12: a minimum of 5 subjects and a maximum of 7 subjects(required)
  • For grades 9-12, all subjects taught including Arabic studies and electives are required.
  • Students must devote 15 hours every year for community service (a total of 60 hours throughout their four high school years) as a pre-requisite for graduation.