English Social Studies

At NG, our Social Studies curriculum aims to help all students to be able to:

  • learn about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, explain how people must work together to resolve conflict, and understand the importance of respecting differences
  • develop an understanding of the structure and purposes of governments, describe people, events, and symbols that are important to the governments and countries they study
  • demonstrate an understanding of the connections between their physical and cultural environments using globes, maps, and other visual representations
  • develop an understanding of basic economic concepts necessary to make informed individual and family decisions
  • investigate how key events, ideas, and people influenced the social economic, and political development of the new world
  • examine key historical events, ideas, and people that contributed to the growth of civilizations from ancient times through which led to the development of the modern world
  • explain the importance of being an informed citizen on public issues, recognizing propaganda, and knowing the voting issues