Education is our passport to the future

Malcolm X

Student life plays an instrumental role in reinforcing NG’s balanced approach.

It is the most crucial period of students’ lives in which they receive adequate preparation to be influential citizens of the future.

Through student life, students sharpen their skills and acquire new ones. Exposure to such experiences is a milestone that helps them meet life challenges as confident, competent members of society. 

Life on NG campus encompasses 20 events and activities that expose students to broader learning horizons. 

The quality of life is determined by its activities.


National/General Exposure:

  • Student Body Council 
  • After-hours Extracurricular Activities
  • Educational Tournaments 
  • Field Trips 
  • Athletic Tournaments and Sports Day 
  • High School Annual Play
  • Science Fair
  • Desert Hiking 
  • TEDx MIU -Egypt 

International Exposure:

  • Summits 
  • Exchange Programs 
  • International Trips