NG Alumni are our International Ambassadors!

They serve as great role models for our current students and offer practical support to juniors and seniors as they embark on the journey to select their career pathways.
They also share their experiences by providing mentorship and guidance to High School students during assemblies. 
Our alumni give back to their School by showing appreciation for the quality of education they received and by providing us with valuable insight into the best practices and demands at universities.

Mission: Through NG’s Alumni Club (NGAC) we promote ongoing communication threads to recognize remarkable milestones.
Vision: NGAC aims to preserve an everlasting connection between the School and its Alumni.

NGAC’s President and Vice President organize alumni associations, publish alumni communications, and host reunion events such as the annual Iftar in Ramadan and other activities. NG’s network extends dramatically through its alumni and creates countless opportunities to better serve its students.

“As the President of NGAC, our main goal is to preserve a mutually beneficial enduring relationship among the alumni and our beloved School.”
Mohamed Mohy
Alumni President

“Having the role of the Vice President is a responsibility that I am grateful for. I will do everything possible to help my School be a better place and maintain bonds that have been created over years.”
Farah Torky
Alumni Vice President