This Reference Book has been created with the intention of providing safety and productivity to your learning environment as well as that of staff members, including teachers and administrators.

This book is the reference with respect to all the necessary information regarding responsibilities, obligations, and corrective measures.

Abiding by the Code of Ethics and Conduct will help maintain high social and academic levels; to become competent citizens.

A Message from the Division Principal

As a proud High School Principal of this esteemed School, with a well-respected history of 16 years of providing exceptional educational outcomes and opportunities for students with diverse skills, I warmly welcome you to our 17th Academic Year 2022/2023.

We have certainly learned a lot from each other, achieved a lot together, and worked in an inclusive environment “as one family” towards our common goals.

I will always support your individual wellbeing by providing a learning environment that allows everyone to thrive, as you work towards achieving your personal best performance.

During our journey to prepare you for your after-school life, we instill the values of relationships and connections with the society; that is why I highly encourage respectful relationships with your peers, teachers, and the bigger community.

Our future leaders and role models of Egypt, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

Have a productive Academic Year 2022/2023!