Dear NG website visitors,
Approaching our 20th year at New Generation brings back wonderful memories and accomplishments.
Since the editorial space is limited, I cannot go through a 20-year history of pride, joy and gratification, but I can highlight our main 2023 accomplishments.
Looking at our outstanding scores from both our accreditation bodies, Cognia and MSA,  we have been awarded the School of Distinction for 2022-2023 by Cognia, which translates to rating New Generation from the top 6% worldwide schools, including 34 schools in the United States. Our accreditation scores were 90 points higher than the global average score. New Generation scored 100% in 26 indicators (KPIs). Bravo to an outstanding team performance.
Our MSA ( Middle States Association for Schools and colleges ) was awarded for seven years, proudly with two highly functional standards. 
NG was never only about outstanding formal accreditations and evaluations of our academic performance, but as important, our global representation has been continuously multi-faceted: educational leadership, teachers, and student aspects.
This year we organized two very important and successful events. 
The first was our annual BalancED conference, which took place in May 2023,  which reflected our global presence. We hosted 30 international educators from 20 different USA universities in cooperation with UCEA, University Council for Educational Administration.  The conference workshops and educational panels were attended by almost 200 educators purposefully designed to enhance the exposure of our faculty member’s academic credentials.
Our second international event this year was on the international student exchange level.
 We were honored to host the International Student Summit for students coming from Nepal, USA and  Poland, which rooted our belief in the importance of NG student international exposure and communication with worldwide schools, cultures and nationalities.
Finally , I am very honored to announce the launch of New Generation’s sister school “Asten College,  Taj City, scheduled to open in September 2023.  
All our schools will remain to be centered around our integral belief of our balanced approach philosophy.
Enjoy our website visit.
Thank youSalma El BakryPhD Political Sc.Chairperson
•  Education First Foundation.  •  New Generation International Schools.
•  Asten College, Taj City.
•  Balanced Education Co., BalancED 
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