New Generation International Schools believes strongly in our Balanced Approach policy. The Balanced Approach encompasses our belief and our promise not to discriminate against race, gender identity, or religious beliefs, and to that our students learn on an international level while still respecting their cultural identity and Egyptian roots.

We train our students to acquire the proper skills to be creative, ethical, well-rounded, productive, and open-minded. Part of our commitment to the Balanced Approach entails providing differentiated methods and equitable learning experiences to all our students at every learning level, and helping them acquire skills that will benefit them both within and beyond the school.

NG provides opportunities and the tools necessary for students to meet international academic standards in English and French, evident in our SAT, AP, and Diplome d’Etudes en Langue Français (DELF) results. We are also strongly committed to teaching our students Arabic, Arabic Social Studies, and Religious Studies.

NG is committed to the continuous development of our teachers, and is deeply embedded in the professional learning community. Our faculty members attend a variety of Professional Development programs all year round, in areas such as differentiated instruction, smart board activities, active learning strategies, classroom management, positive discipline, and different assessment tools.

Similarly, NG promotes the development of social and life skills in our students by hosting a number of events such as plays, science fairs, geography/spelling bees, and poetry festivals; we are proud to be considered the top school in holding student-led and -based events. We also encourage our students to contribute to the community through charity work and community service activities, which is evidenced in the Student Council’s ongoing commitment to raising funds for charities and causes such as Abu El Reesh Hospital and national Food and Clothing Banks.

Our students are encouraged to respect all cultures, become positive contributors to society, hold themselves responsible for their own actions, and accept constructive criticism. These core values are embedded in our daily operations through our Hidden Curriculum, which strives to link what is taught in school with real-life situations in order to develop the necessary skills that will encourage them to become respectful, responsible, and positive leaders in their communities.