News - NG Student Council 2021-2022

Student Council of New Generation International Schools, as voted by the students and thus represents the students.

Student Council is there to express opinions of the student body and to create a more positive environment for all students.

2021-2022 Student Council
Third Line:
Elementary Officer: with 210 votes -Bushra Nabil- grade 9
Middle School Officer: Highest number of votes for this round of elections 213 votes- Deyaa Kordia- grade 10
High School Officer: got 140 votes – Roqaia El Shourbagy- grade 11

Second Line:
Community Service Director: Got 111 votes- Samar Askary- Grade 11
Awareness Director: 115 votes- Hania esam El Abd – Grade12
Public Relations Director: 193 votes –our senior- Habiba El Sa3eed

First Line:
Secretary of council: our senior 134 Votes- Mervat Emad
Vice President: with 159 Votes- Abdallah Khalifa (Mando)-Grade 11
President: Our Senior 157 Votes is Zeina EL Gibaly

Congratulations to NG Student Council 2021-2022….Our expectations of you are sky high!