Have you ever heard of the saying , “فيها حاجة حلوة”?

Well, if you haven’t then you need to pay a visit to see, feel and experience it yourself.

Our school’s community follows a balanced approach in every single aspect. NG shows a balanced approach in its unique culture through….

ü Education- by bridging the international worldwide standards and education with a strong Arabic studies curriculum to bring forth balanced students.

ü Character & Identity- Including a strong international exposure program while maintaining our Egyptian heritage and identity.

Let us make our unique community as visual as possible. Ready to take a tour? Let’s go!

New Generation International Schools has a very unique culture! From the moment you enter from the front gate you will feel it in the air, it is simply everywhere.

First, you are greeted by beautiful, cheerful receptionists who will try to help you and answer all your questions with a big smile.

Next, if you move to our little kingdom, you will see happy children playing in a healthy environment. Passionate teachers always surround their students with love and care to make sure that they are socially and emotionally safe.

Moving down the corridor, you will meet elementary, middle and high school students who are being trained to face their challenges and become future leaders. You will be greeted by any faculty member with a smile and a cheer J

NG community has all the right ingredients to bring forth well rounded students who will be the future leaders, who are knowledgeable, skilful and who can and will make a difference in society.

NG is not just any school that talks the walk; NG is an international school with a balanced approach that walks the talk!

Our school… Your School…NG, the Balanced Approach